About me

Programmer and, in my spare time, student.

I am born in Pesaro but I grew up is Siena.

Other that code, I enjoy to run and to travel.

I am available for contractor work and code review.

I work mainly in Clojure but I am fluent with python too and I have a good knowledge of C/C++, I can learn any language (OOP/FP) in matter of 1-2 weeks.

You can contact me at: simone (at) mweb (dot) biz

What I wrote in this blog for now:

Create Clojure Map, advanced methods, PART 2 Final chapter about functions which return map: bean, frequencies, group-by and clojure.set/index .

Create Clojure Map, advanced methods, PART 1 Deeper overview of few function to create clojure’s maps, in particular hash-map, array-map, zipmap, sorted-map and sorted-map-by.

Clojure’s Maps Overview A simple and easy to follow view about clojure maps.

Manage (Mongodb’s) ObjectId and json

I was writing yet another REST interface in Clojure + MongoDB (this is the last time) and if you have ever mixed this technology there is a little issue that raises every single time.

Extend postgres to json fields

For a little side project I need a very easy, “slow” and simple database to contain very few NoSql data.

Updating Lobos

I needed to work with Lobos and Korma together.

Visualize hierarchy behind java class

Once upon a time any young programmer feel the need to learn something new, and sure as the Murphin law this need will be more urgent as the young programmers approaches his exams at the university.

n Queens Problem

I work in a little shop in Monteriggioni (SI) here in Italy, we sell local products like olive oil, Chianti wines, pasta and more; it is a very nice idea but we are in a little hide place and few people can really find us, so most of the time is just myself looking the emptiness in front of me.

Non-volatile memoizazion an idea for a non-volatile memoizazion

Algorithm problem for job

I was taking a curious look at a list of offer for functional job, and one in particular caught my attention.

Base conversion in plain clojure Conversion of number between different bases using plain clojure.

Asciidoc to Markdown Little tool to convert asciidoc documents from the clojure-cookbook project to markdown files to use in jekyll

Hello World Hello World